Do you want to stay fit during your holidays?

Do you miss your usual trainings?

Enough of all day on the beach ?

Too much Tzatziki, pitta bread and beautiful Greek food?

Would you like to try a work out in Greece?

WELL here is your chance. Let us arrange a private work out with passionate Lesly or you can join one of the group work outs of Lesly in the morning. Tiny tough Lesly (mother of 3 children. massage therapist,  fluently English, Spanish and Greek), follows trainings in all sorts of martial arts since she can walk. She combines all her knowledge to provide you with a training at your level. She will challenge you! You“ll be satisfied.

MMA, BJJ, boxing, kick-boxing, cross fit, cardio 

Group work outs are around 09:00 o“clock in the morning and private lessons are available daily before 14:00 o“clock. 


PRICE: Join a group work out 10 Euro pp Private training starting from 25 Euro per session