Paint party

The most craziest party! It is time to hot up the summer fun and explode weapons of mass destruction onto the Laganas clubbers in Zante. Be sure to check out what all the fuss is about, it’s time to get messy, dirty and downright sexy. Partners in crime are PaintGlow, which supplies all the UV paint, it has all been tested and is Cosmetically Certified. PaintGlow is the only Paint Party manufacturer in Europe that has undergone cosmetic testing on the products and are fully compliant with the new EU Cosmetic directive.All their products have passed the cosmetic safety assessment and are fully certified for use in the UK and Europe.Paintparty is not just the normal paint party where you get squirted with a bit of paint, The Rescue Paint Party has custom built cannons that explode with paint all over the crowd. They also have guns firing paint from the balcony of Rescue Club down on to the crowd below, covering everybody in paint. Summer 2019 we are adding more cannons, more explosions, more atmosphere and lots more paint. Its going to be the biggest summer yet!

There is no other party in Zante that comes close to the legendary Paint Party.

Free official PP t-shirt

Every Wednesday from 00:00 till 05:00

Period 7 June till 13 September