An innovative service is to mediate between T/O and suppliers in financial transactions, assuming responsibility for prompt completion, thus facilitating T/O general supervision.
The reason Renee Prevoo chose Greece as a permanent place of residence is the wonderful climate, abundant sunshine and the feeling of relaxation and freedom she felt when she first visited Zakynthos.
Her love for the country and nature, coupled with her studies in Design and Organization for Outdoor and Gardens, have developed in her a strong sense of creativity and organization which, when she created the agency, translates into an absolute will to offer the best services and relegates the yearly turnover to second position of priorities. Part of her experience was gained in the field of tourism from 1996 onwards when she was an employee, and later was appointed Director, of Danis Tour Plus with whom she remained for 10 years. Her reputation grew slowly and became synonymous of professional behavior and respect. During that period she worked with a wide range of European T/O coming from Britain, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium and Holland, assuming major responsibilities in organizing, managing and contracting programs.
In 2007, she opened her own business and is successfully involved in the front of the scene of tourism on the island. Paron Travel employs on a permanent basis three experienced executives who, along with Renee, compose an enthusiastic team of people dedicated to something they love.
The agency uses its own premises spread on 110 square meters, located only 300 meters from the center of Zakynthos town, facing the river front. There are plenty of parking spaces and the office is fully equipped with air conditioning as well as hardware, covering the needs of the staff as well as the representatives of T/O.

Aliki Kokla: Well experienced in the field of tourism. She began in 1995 in an important agency representing major European T/O. Able to find every supplier who has ‘a bed’ to sleep in – camping sites if necessary –, she now manages the very wide and demanding reservation department. She also ensures that invoices are accurate and free of hidden errors before forwarding them to the T/O. Paron Travel also undertakes mediation in payments of suppliers, thus cutting down on unnecessary bureaucracy.

Pitsa Giakoumelou: A proven and faithful partner of Renee, tested successfully for over 12 years in the field of tourism, with excellent results. She has a significant experience as a guide, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the island and the sites visitors can see. She is capable of reacting swiftly if needed and always finds appropriate solutions to delicate situations. A real asset to the agency.

Katianna Maroudas: Katianna has a great sense of timing and knowledge about what it takes for visitors of the island to enjoy their stay. She organizes transports, targeting especially security and punctuality. Excursions are her strong point and planned to the last detail for the comfort and interest of the participants. She represents a valuable collaborator to the agency.


Paron Travel was created only when Renee was able to ensure that she had acquired enough knowledge to play a positive role in the tourism business on the island. Her goal is to keep a creative attitude and maintain an excellent relationship with the T/O she works with. ‘Paron Travel’ is synonymous to "Clients satisfaction".

Greece is a beautiful country with open hearted people and a deeply rooted sense of cooperation. The secular sense of hospitality is not a myth and Paron Travel extends it to the T/O by understanding their business language and demands. The staff and management are (as well as local suppliers and the other groups of professionals) dedicated and aim at offering visitors a grant holidays. Professional discretion and trustworthiness are the absolute must of the agency. A careful choice of partners and suppliers exclude possible discrepancies in contracts signed on behalf of T/O.
The Greeks use to say “Clear agreements make good friends” and a professional conduct is our motto. We are a hardworking team, always close to the T/O we work with.
We continuously focus on giving our mutual guests a feeling of utter happiness, making them wanting to return for another stay.


Professional links of Paron Travel in Zakynthos ensure most competitive prices, accommodation and services, as well as accurate information in favor of T/O. The agency mediates and monitors proper handling of payments. The office operates all year round which allows us to answer to T/O swiftly.


Paron Travel offers a wide range of services through its long experience in the demanding field of tourism. These include following:

  • Research and identify suppliers offering the best prices available. Provide T/O with fully documented projects.
  • Negotiate with suppliers all aspects of agreements for and on behalf of T/O.
  • Undertake mediation between our clients T/O and suppliers for payments and money transactions. Verification of supplier’s invoices before submitting them to our client T/O.
  • Fulfill arrangements for guest transportation to and from the airport, booking coaches, mini bus or taxis.
  • Organize attractive tours full of interest and showing places worth a visit like beaches, churches, museums, attractions and special events happening on the island.
  • Assist customers, on behalf of T/O, in case of emergencies.
  • Arrange and plan weddings from A to Z and their conduct.

Our associates have understood that professionalism involving our full commitment and a high quality of service is our unique goal. Paron Travel has been relying, and continues to rely, on the absolute respect of agreements and contracts signed with all parties, making sure about the accuracy of the information and figures stated in these.


The representatives of our customers enjoy the use of a secured and well equipped agency with modern facilities. We offer them our full support so they can achieve their job in full confidence, using telephones, faxes, electronic computers, data storage as well as the language skills of our staff when needed.