S.U.P. adventure

An ancient Hawaiian and Polonasian sport that has come back with a bang to set off ripples in the Zakynthian waters. One of the newest and most popular trends in water sports, Stand Up Paddle boarding.

The calm waters of Laganas Bay are an ideal setting for S.U.P. You don't need experience to do it. Before you set off, qualified instructors, who always put your safety first, brief you on what you need to do, then you grab your paddle, jump on the board and you're off. Not only do you become one with nature in the serene atmosphere of the sea, but you also workout at the same time. As a bonus, there is also a good chance of seeing the Caretta-Caretta turtles in the Bay. Try it ...lots of fun. If the Hawaiians could do it, why can't you?

Twice a week we meet in the Bay of Laganas for approx. 3 hrs. It starts at about 15:00.

PRICE: this covers the equipment and guide.

NOTE: We will share pictures of your S.U.P experience with you at no extra cost.