Near the village of Kambi is a breathtaking vertical cliff of 180 meters. Easily recognized from afar as a large cement cross rises in the sky, as if hanging from it. Guests can get to the brink, as there is a protective railing, while remaining aware of the potential danger.
Although in some places the cliff seems to be back from the tip of the rock on which one stands, this is an optical effect as a stone thrown from that spot does not reaches to the water ...... this is one of the attractions of Skiza. Traditional taverns are several to choose from.


A turtle shape island which lays just a few miles offshore in the bay of Laganas. Visited by boat, canoe or pedalo rented on the beaches of Laganas, Aghios Sostis or even Vezal.
Marathonisi is uninhabited, has no electricity or other facilities. But it has two beautiful beaches: a pebble one and a larger one with sand overlooking the endless bay of Laganas. It is one of the places one visits to observe Caretta Caretta turtles and their hatching spots. This is also where a seal has established ….. his summer residence.


One of the most beautiful Greek beaches among the five most photographed in the world!
Accessible only from the sea, the Shipwreck is an unforgettable site that can’t be missed by any visitor of the island. A closed bay with white sand and shingle enclosed by steep precipitous slopes of Vrachiona, is hosting for the last 30 years a ship giving the impression that an artist set it there.
The bright blue waters, sometimes turning emerald, calm the sight grown restless by the wilderness of the landscape.
The cruising sails along the coast of Porto Vromi, Alykes, Makris Gialos and the port of Agios Nikolaos.


Hard to find a more beautiful and inspiring sunset than the one observed from the lighthouse of Keri. The open sea and the weather, usually beautiful, help nature and make this moment un unforgettable one.
The sun sets and changes shape as the light is refracted in the atmosphere, creating many shades of beautiful colors in the sky. Every evening hundreds of people gather next to the lighthouse and share these magic moments, almost with devotion. The sun sinks slowly into the sea and gives way to the night nascent. Below the lighthouse, towards the left, where the coast is steep, the Mizithres are to be seen, two huge cliffs, obviously ancient remains of the mountain before it collapsed into the sea which swallowed the giant rocks.


Further from Cape Marathia the southwestern tip of the island are another set of caves accessible only by sea. Some entrances are large enough to enter by boat with visitors on board.
In other cases they are smaller, so one goes swimming only. It is in this region that one finds the Mizithres. These are two huge white – therefore the name of Mizithres / Cheese - rocks standing in front of the cliffs on top of which the lighthouse of Keri is located. One of these rocks houses a colony of starfish. Close enough to this point the pebbled beach of Marathia welcomes holiday makers and is reachable from the mainland.


The northeastern coast of the island offers one of the most famous sites of Zakynthos, the Blue Caves.
The intense blue iridescence caused by reflections of the sun in the crystal waters, under the rocks, is the reason for the name of the caves. These have been shaped in the limestone rocks of the coast making them attractive to visitors. This is one of the most visited areas of the island reached by motorboat or fishing boats and many are those who swim or dive there.


On the southeastern tip of the island, nature has created a curved formation of clay in the shape of a hawk nose – The Falcon – lays Gerakas.
It is a sheltered sandy beach included in the Marine Park of Zakynthos, because it is one of the major nesting spots of the sea turtle Caretta Caretta. It is one of the most favorable beaches, where presence of human beings is prohibited from a half hour before sunset till half an hour after sunrise. Because of the protection program there are no facilities on this beach, outside of simple thatched umbrellas. Peeling with the clay found abundantly in the area is free of charge and recommended to make one’s skin smoother.


Old Bochali characterized as "Balcony of the Mediterranean". This term may sound excessive, but this does not detract from the stunning views enjoyed by visitors from there. The hill of Bochali, located on the west side of town, rises up to the entrance of the castle of the island.
Built by the Franks, era of the Palatina County and the Venetians, who gave to it today’s shape, during their over 300 year occupation. From the castle you have a view of 360 degrees over a large part of the island. From Bochali the eyes reach as far as the northwestern Peloponnese, to the entire southeastern part of the island, even till Laganas. The city is located on the eastern base of the hill.
Either at sunrise or sunset, there is always a good reason to relax on one of many terraces available or enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants. On the northern edge of the square a beautiful church is standing, Chrisopigi showing wonderful and very old religious paintings.


The western side of the island is mountainous and shores are rocky. Here with steep cliffs and breathtaking views, elsewhere with rocks and crystal cool waters suitable for swimming. One of the most beautiful bays that can be reached by car.
The road leading there starts at Agios Leon. The beach is also accessible by steps carved into the rock. The beach is ideal for romantics but offers no facilities to the bathers. However there is a tavern.